For over 25 years, Fred Williams has been a pioneer and leader among Hunting and Photo Safari booking agents, guides, outfitters and enthusiasts. Fred specializes in providing only PRIVATE hunting safari adventures and expeditions across Africa, Europe, South America and the South Pacific, and photo safaris in South Africa.

Fred Williams has Been There and Done That!

As a veteran of over 80 major hunts and safaris, including 24 African Safaris, on six continents, Fred Williams has taken more that 250 species.  He's been there and done that!  Visit Fred's Hunting Gallery featuring a small sample of his many trophy game animals. Click here to see Fred's impressive list of hunting awards and here for testimonials.

Personal Attention

Fred invests hours making sure you are totally prepared in every aspect of your upcoming safari hunts.  When you return from, for instance, the rain forest of central Africa where you hunted with pygmies for the elusive Bongo, you can say "No Surprises!" The unknown and potential difficulties have been anticipated and dealt with before your departure.

From A to Z, Fred plans and books your safari hunt according to your goals, handles your paperwork (licenses, fees, etc.), arranges your lodging, meals and transportation whether on the airlines, private jet, a bush plane, or on the ground.  He'll also help you pick the proper weapons, gear, and ammo. Visit Fred's Safari Pricing page for more information.

So for detailed, personal advice and service for your next international hunting or photo safari adventure, be it a quick trip for plains game in South Africa, a quest for the African Big Five, or a "gentleman’s" hunt in Europe, contact Fred Williams. He has the knowledge and experience that very few others can offer.  Click here to see why!